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Planning App Ref Planning App Type Site Address Description Decision Decision Date Planning Application Link Location Latitude Location Longitude
C/0001/50/. N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A View 52.2562 -0.07427
C/0001/52/ Full Planning Application Bourn Cambridgeshire Recreation Ground Approved 15/01/1952 View 52.1908 -0.059316
C/0001/53/ Full Planning Application Longstanton Cambridgeshire N/A Withdrawn 18/02/1953 View 52.2914 0.049246
C/0001/55/ Full Planning Application River Farm Back Lane Haslingfield Cambridgeshire Use Of Ex-Xd Building As Temporary Bungalow Approved 03/02/1955 View 52.148 0.059051
C/0001/57/ Full Planning Application Between 54 And 36 High Street Cottenham Cambridgeshire Ereection Of Bungalow And Garage Approved 10/01/1957 View 52.2933 0.128472
C/0001/58/ Full Planning Application Station Road Histon Cambridgeshire Sale Of Cars Off Land At Station Road Refused 16/01/1958 View 52.251 0.107024
C/0001/61/ Full Planning Application Cottenham Cambridgeshire Residential Development Refused 20/03/1961 View 52.2898 0.131073
C/0001/62/ Full Planning Application High Street Rampton Cambridgeshire Proposed Construction Of A New Vehicular Access To Replace Existing Access Approved 18/01/1962 View 52.2924 0.087766
C/0001/65/ Full Planning Application Histon Road Cottenham Cambridgeshire Erection Of 42 Houses And Garages, 7.9 Acres Approx Approved 09/02/1965 View 52.2807 0.12334
C/0001/66/O Full Planning Application Opp War Memorial Horse And Gate Street Pt Osp 134 Fen Drayton Cambridgeshire Residential Development, 6.2 Acre Approx Approved 24/01/1966 View 52.2953 -0.035253
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