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Location of land Village Area in Sq m Primary Pre Sale Use Purchaser of Area Sold Value Sale Price Sale Date Reason for Sale Intended use of Funds Status of Sale Location Latitude Location Longitude
Land adj 13 Church Close Gt Wilbraham 88 Open space 13 Church Close N/A 4,000 04/02/2011 To extend property & garden Housing purposes Sold 52.1933 0.265006
Land adj 14 Blenheim Close Shepreth 27 Open space N/A 500 N/A N/A For garden extension N/A Sale agreed 52.1112 0.030891
Land adj 18 Sheppard Way Teversham N/A Grass verge N/A N/A N/A N/A For garden extension Housing purposes Sale agreed 0 0
Land adj 25A De Freville Road Gt Shelford 22 Open space 25A De Freville Road N/A 250 14/09/2012 Open Space Housing purposes Sold 52.1523 0.137711
Land adj 26 Mortlock Gardens Gt Abington 25 Open space 26 Mortlock Gardens N/A 1,000 14/01/2011 To extend garden Housing purposes Sold 52.113 0.237173
Land adj 43 Medcalfe Way Melbourn 26 Open space N/A 3,000 N/A N/A For garden or property extension N/A Sale agreed 52.0834 0.023773
Land adj 45 Coolidge Gardens Cottenham 29 Open space N/A N/A 2,500 25/11/2013 For garden extension Housing purposes Sold 52.2869 0.131968
Land adj 56 Bramley Avenue Melbourn 23 Open space N/A N/A N/A N/A For garden extension N/A Sale agreed 52.0842 0.026587
Land at Clear Crescent Melbourn 2,156 Play area Melbourn Parish Council N/A 1 19/07/2012 Recreation General fund Sold 52.0803 0.021809
Land at Cox's Close Stapleford 40 Grass verge 26 Church Street, Stapleford N/A 42,000 01/06/2012 To construct driveway Housing purposes Sold 52.1459 0.148282
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